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Are you really love music?
You listen to it always, no matter where you are?
You like rock and heavy metal?
And other live music?
Visit our project - Resonare!
Or contact to me, if you have decided learn to play guitar.


My name is Alex Bratkov. I'm a guitarist, composer, arranger, music teacher and creator of musical project - Resonare. I've been playing guitar for 15 years, 10 of which I have been teaching. Preference is given to private lessons. I also have skills in playing the bass guitar and drums. The main jenres of music in which I play are metal, rock, blues.

Online guitar lessons

Training are conducted on Skype with prior approval of details. My Skype login you can find in contacts section. The duration of one lesson are an 1 hour or 30 minutes. The cost are 30$/hour or 15$/30 min. First lesson are 10$.
The structure of lesson:
~ 20 min - checking homework;
~ 15 min - obtaining of new homework;
~ 35 min - practical part with new homework.

At the lessons we will learn:
- The correct positions of the fingers and hands, the geometry and other positions when playing on the guitar, physical relaxation exercises (most important rule - musician should to be relaxed);
- Basic technical exercises on the synchronization right, left hand and fingers;
- The tecnnics of mediator playing;
- Basic Fingerstyle;
- Playing any techniques, such as bend, tapping, sweep, shred etc.
- Striking a fine blend of theory and practicality while teaching guitar playing;
- Improvisation and phrasing in different scales and genres;
- Composing music. Spatial thinking of musician, composing music and writing skills to staff and tablature;
- Basic skills of recording, mastering and mixing on PC. Working with sound.
Together we can go through the amazing online training course of guitar playing, from the first notes you will check out, and ending with the written and playing your own music compositions. Well, my job are help you with this.

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Technical requirements: skype, internet, microphone, web-camera.

- Guitar Pro 6;
- Metroplus or other metronome;
- Microsoft word or other .docx reader;
- Stdu viewer or other pdf, djvu reader.



Alex is the best teacher of everyone I've ever known. This man found the best approach to me, develop the individual training program, has taught to feel the music, play and compose it. Thanks to him, I learned to think like a musician. Now I compose my own music, and I'm grateful to Alex for all that I am able and I know about music. Thanks!
Alex is a very experienced teacher, who gives lessons in an easy and accessible way. All the new knowledge that I get in the lessons, I immediately using in practice, what facilitates rapid learning. Sometimes I am lazy, but Alex gives me energy and I doing exercises every day to have quick results from this. He is very attentive to all inaccuracies in the rhythm and melody, so I had to take pains to improve my skills, but I am grateful to him for that.

Contacts & Links

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